• Current Account

    A Current Account may be opened by Proprietary Firms / Partnership Firms / Public or Pvt. Ltd. Co. / Co-op. Society / Trust / Muncipal Corporation

    Minimum Balance Rs.5000/- (with Chequebook).

    Cheque books will be issued.

    Standing instructions for payments / deposit accounts transfer are accepted.

    Number of operations are unlimited.

    Passbook is available.

  • Document Checklist:

    1) For Co-op. Society / Regd. Certified copies of Resolution to open an account & to operate account. Income Tax Exemption Certificate / Trust Deed. Two Photograph of each authorised Signatory / Rubber Stamp of Society / Trust

    2) Account opening form, duly signed by the Proprietor / Partners / Directors.

    3) Two Photograph of the Proprietor / Partners / Directors.

    4) Letter of Proprietary

    5) Letter of Partnership

    6) Copy of Partnership Deed / Memorandum / Articles of Association & Company Registration Certificate (Pvt. / Public Ltd. Co.)

    7) Resolution to open an account authorising Signatories to operate account (in case of Public / Pvt. Ltd. Co. / Trust / Co-op. Soc.)

    8) Introduction from existing Current / Overdraft Account holder of the Bank.

    9) Copy of PAN Card / I.T. Return / Form No. 60 / 61. (Any one).

    10) Proof of Residence / Address Proof (Xerox copy of original to be submitted).